Dandelion Counselling

Psychotherapeutic Counselling

for Children and Young People

Children and young people have counselling for lots of reasons. Some are learning how to manage feelings like anger, anxiety or sadness. Some may be coping with trauma, ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experience's) or loss. Some may need help with friendship groups or other relationships and some just don’t feel right and want to feel better.

Dandelion Counselling offers a confidential, safe and supportive environment where a child or young person can learn how to support themselves. 

Our young son has benefitted from the huge care and experience of Ailsa at Dandelion Counselling. Over two years, Ailsa has given our son a divining rod of self-belief, and helped him find a new route to his own positive self narratives. This has catapulted him into new opportunities.

In the words of our son, 'she is kind, patient and helps me'. Ailsa's therapy techniques have been instrumental in introducing our young son to a constructive experience of counselling that has given him 'private' space to explore his emotions, words to articulate his needs and a personal sense of acceptance. She has been that crucial grown-up, external to our family, who has respected his boundaries, celebrated his abilities and named his challenges.

She has also advocated for him within school settings in a manner that has made a difference, and informed teachers' and our understanding of what is possible and should be supported alike.

We cannot rate Ailsa highly enough and thank her for her genuine input to our lives as a family.'