Consultation Provision

(for schools, charities / agencies and other providers)

Dandelion Counselling can support you and your organisation to adopt and promote an attachment and trauma informed methodology.

Dandelion Counselling can offer support, leading to confidence in understanding how trauma and attachment affects a child's brain development. Our bespoke, flexible consultation and training encompasses:

  • what generates a healthy attachment
  • what is trauma
  • adverse childhood expereinces (ACEs)
  •  brain development stages and the impact of trauma 
  • the long term impact of trauma
  • understanding zones / windows of tolerence
  • fight flight freeze flop responses
  • sensory processing and the impact on behaviour
  • understanding how to engage children and young people i.e. through PACE - Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy (Hughes)
  • importance of self care and self-regulation for staff and those around the child or young person