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This blog has been set up in response to the Covid -19 Coronavirus pandemic as a way to share information and links with the aim of easing worry and anxiety and supporting well being.

 Don't hesitate to get in touch for further information or to see how Dandelion Counselling can offer support during the pandemic.

Stay safe and well


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Our Latest Blog Entry

March 21 2021

The power of music to unlock emotions

Click the button above to go to an article I wrote for BACP Members blogs. The article includes an embedded link to the stimulus piece of music 'Pandemic' (November Echoes).

Our Latest Blog Entry

April 3 2020

How to Talk to Kids and Teens

Click the button above to go to an article from Psychology Today US. Really useful tips to foster good communication. 

Young minds

Click button above for Coronavirus advice and mental health support

April 2 2020


Click the button above for an excellent MindHeart information and activity book about coronavirus; an excellent way to open up a conversation about children’s concerns.

The book is available in 18 languages and encourages children to label their feelings and offers specific advice on things they can do to stay healthy.


Bringing EPs together

March 30 2020

Coronavirus, children and you

Click button above for advice, information, suggestions, answers and resources to help during the pandemic from Children's Commissioner

CAMHS Resources

Click the button above to go to the CAMHS resource site. Created for professionals, young people and carers, lots of helpful resources from across the internet to help support mental health and well-being. 

EPs Resources

Click the button above to access some selected resources from edpsy.org.uk (the online space for educational psychologists). All included are free and easy to navigate.

March 30 2020

Coronavirus Social Story

Click button above for a well written social story from Little Puddin the Autism Educator