Welcome to Dandelion Counselling

Dandelion Counselling offers skilled, professional psychotherapeutic counselling for children, young people and adults.

"Be like a Dandelion... Whenever they fall apart, they start up again. Have hope"


Covid-19 Coronavirus Provision

All 'face to face' provision has been temporarily suspended in line with Government Guidance.

* Some in school/service provision may take place following risk assessment.*

Dandelion Counselling recognises the significant impact that the pandemic is having on families and individuals, particularly as we near the anniversary of the first lockdown and so: 

Dandelion Counselling can work with you to support you through these extraordinary times.


-Online Provision

-Telephone Provision

-Emotional / well-being support for families and individuals

-Provision of resources & information to support children and young adults 

-Provision of resources & information to support children and young adults with social, emotional and mental health needs (SEMH) and additional needs 

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(full of resources and ideas aimed at easing worry and anxiety and supporting well being.)

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